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Mobile version of Sanguosha: off-line mode interface translation

Game web-site with downloads for Android and iOS: http://m.sanguosha.com/

After you've installed the app:

The main button opens the login menu: 

Here you can either login into your existing YOKA Games account (upper input field - for email, lower input - for password, as usual), or select the guest mode: the button below the login menu generates a guest account and launches the main game in the guest mode.

To create an account go here: http://www.yokagames.com/ and click 注册 ("Register") in the top right corner. After being redirected to a new page select 邮箱注册 (it means "Register by email") in the top menu, and type email, password and security code. After receiving the confirmation email click 完成注册,立即体验娱乐之旅 link in it. Congrats, now you've got your YOKA Games account! 

After first time logging in into a new account in Sanguosha you have to select your gender (blue for boys, red for girls). On the next screen choose a randomly generated username or type your own. Be careful - there is no easy way to change it later: you'll have to buy a special ticket for username modification. After reaching level 14 you'll get such ticket for free as a reward, but only once. 

I’m not going to translate the main game interface (too many screens and buttons, too much text), but after several games in the stand-alone mode it’s pretty easy to navigate in the on-line game as well, especially if you know the Sanguosha rules at least a little.There are several useful web-sites that explain the cards and the game mechanics:  http://sanguoshaenglish.blogspot.ru/, http://www.englishsanguosha.com/. (Here is also a helper web-site - still WIP, though - which I started to make for myself to make searching for particular card faster and easier, and to compare their starts and abilities).

The main game starts with a tutorial and a has a gradual difficulty increase, so it doesn’t feel as if you are just being tossed into the unknown world (filled with scary hanzi to boot)! You also don’t have to play against other people if you don’t feel comfortable with this -  in fact, you aren’t even allowed to do so until you reach a certain level. 

Ok, let's continue with the stand-alone mode.
Clicking the green button at the right upper corner of the initial screen opens the stand-alone (off-line) mode menu:

The message at the bottom of the screen says that you are now in single mode, and proposes to join the network to play with other 30 000 000 people (i.e. leads to the login menu).

Vertical buttons to the left - different modes to choose from:

  • Extended Sanguosha with 5 players: 1 Lord, 1 Loyalist, 1 Traitor and 2 Rebels. Extended number of generals. For those who have prior experience with Sanguosha.
  • Extended Sanguosha with 8 players: 1 Lord, 2 Loyalists, 1 Traitor and 4 Rebels. Extended number of generals.  For those who have prior experience with Sanguosha.
  • Classical Sanguosha with 5 players: 1 Lord, 1 Loyalist, 1 Traitor, 2 Rebels. Generals only from the Standard and from the Wind packages. Suitable for novices.
  • Classical Sanguosha with 8 players: 1 Lord, 2 Loyalists, 1 Traitor, 4 Rebels. Generals only from the Standard and from the Wind packages. Suitable for novices.

After selecting a mode you are randomly assigned a role, and then have limited time to choose your card:

For convenience, the roles and their places at the "table" are color-coded (as usual): red - the Ruler, yellow - Loyalists, green - Rebels, blue - the Traitor.

After a card has been selected the game begins:

Only the Ruler has their role shown at the right upper corner of the card, other players have "?" instead.

Big button at the center: Make a move/Discard excess cards. Smaller buttons to the left: End turn/Cancel.
Buttons at the left lower corner: Sort cards, Game log and Messages.

Depending on the player's card and equipment, there may be several buttons for character's abilities near the player's card (on the screenshot - Zhenji's "Overturned Country" 倾国).

Clicking at the plus sign in the right upper corner opens a small menu with Exit and Settings buttons.


Game settings: Turn on/off auto-target; Turn on/off vibration
Sound settings: Turn on/off sound effects; Turn on/off music
It' also possible to adjust AI movement speed.

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